The funkiest House music provided by Miss Moneypenny’s team of residents or dance musics most prominent International DJ’s.


Visually stimulating and breathtaking video projections….
An array of projected images from a variety of state of the image scans and solar projectors.


Staging - erected, designed and installed by Moneypenny’s technicians creating theatrical focal points to enhance the dance experience.
A plethora of rich drapes to glamourize your Nightclub.
Flame machines
Plus picture frames, props, and stunning printed drapes.


The world famous Miss Moneypenny’s performers
Stunningly costumed dancers
Fire breathing stilt acts
The globally renowned Moneypenny drag queens.
Human statues.

The legendary "Miss Moneypenny's" are recognised as the most glamorous and outrageous club in the world! They attract a flamboyant and cosmopolitan following who put other crowds to shame with their extravagant, hedonistic behaviour! Not wanting to keep the incredible parties to a sacred few, they regularly transport a glittering carnival of the worlds hottest DJ's, Dancers and Entertainers to the very best venues across the globe.